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Administration of Commerce, MOEA

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Introduction to the AOC

The Organization Act of the Administration of Commerce (AOC), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) was enacted and promulgated by the President on June 7, 2023, with the mission of promoting the development of service industry and optimizing the corporate governance environment.

In addition to continuing to improve the effectiveness of our services in the areas of corporate governance and business management, we aim to further stimulate the country’s service industry growth. We aspire to assist the industry in grasping the trends of economic development, fostering its development towards a more robust and sustainable goal.

We are committed to enhancing the country’s service industry by bolstering its soft power and technological capabilities. We endeavor to facilitate the export of local brands as well as revitalize the domestic market. Moreover, to create a friendly environment for starting a business, we implement the national digitization policy, integrating regulations, policies, and practices to improve the process of electronic application service.

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